Runtime: Live Coding

jan 2023

Live coding workshop culminating in an exhibition at LCB Depot, Leicester


Part of LCB Depot’s Digital Season January 2023, Runtime was a 2-day workshop on Live Coding culminating in a 1 week exhibition. The workshop was organised by Sean Carroll as part of his PHD research and led by Antonio Roberts, well known name in the live coding Algorave community.

Live coding is the practise of creating music and visuals at a live performance using code. For music, we used TidalCycles and for visuals, we used Hydra. Both of these are developed by prominent members of the live coding community and are fully open source and customisable.

The first day of the workshop was focused on visuals and the second day was focused on music. By the end of the second day, each member of the workshop had edited together a short live coded piece which was then displayed in the primary gallery at LCB Depot, Leicester.

I have provided the raw audio here but watch on youtube (links below) to see the visuals and audio as I program them in real time.

Listen here:


Track 1 (blobs) -
Track 2 (glass) -

LCB Depot -
Antonio Roberts -

TidalCycles -
Hydra -