Place and Memory

jan - april 2023

An exhibition at Phoenix Cinema and Arts centre, Leicester for which I created an interactive installation and assisted with development and installation of other works.


Place and Memory was an exhibition at Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre running from 7th of April to 18th June based on the history and legacy of Phoenix, taking place on it's sixtieth anniversary. I was commissioned along with another artist, Martin Cibik, and mentor Sean Clark to create a piece of work to complement the informational part of the exhibition.

I was inspired to use the BBC Microbit in my work, something I had never explored in the past. I designed and created an interactive experience based on the archival material we discovered in Phoenix's archives and donated materials, namely the various iterations and designs of Phoenix's logo.

The piece is interacted with using a Microbit placed on a plinth in front of the screen. This was constantly sending positional and rotational data to the three.js environment hosted on the web, which would then influence the movement and styles of the letters on screen.

I also designed the interaction on one of Martin Cibik's pieces, using a Leap Motion hand-tracking camera to look around a 360 degree digital collage based on archival material.

I have since created a live version of the webapp that can be controlled with traditional input or just run automatically based on random timers. This verison was shown on the Phoenix media wall for a number of months in rotation with other content. You can find the link to this version below, press the U key to enable input.


Live webapp:
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