Jess+ Artefact

june - july 2023

An interactive representation of the data collected from recording sessions of Jess+, a musicking robot interacting in real-time with a musician ensemble through drawing digital score.


This project is an offshoot of the larger project Jess+, a collaborative abstract music score drawing robot. Nearing the end of development, I suggested that we record the data from the sessions with the robot and represent them in 3D and this was the result.

We captured the xyz position of the robot arm head as well as the outputs of the AI factory and which AI stream was in control of the robot that frame. We also recorded the microphone input during the performance.

I initially started development in Unity, but quickly moved to Three.js as it was more suited to the simplicity of the project. I represented each position in the file as a sphere, changing the colour and scale of the sphere to match the current master AI stream and its value.


Live project -

The Digital Score -
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