Gujarati AR

jan - june 2021

Heritage AR app for displaying 3D scanned cultural artefacts in AR, as well as a paper published in an IEEE conference.


Gujarati AR is a heritage AR app created for the Nupur Arts Organisation based in Leicester, UK. The app allows the user to place and view cultural artefacts in AR, with the purpose of overcoming the restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic placed on physical exhibitions.

My role was the technical side of development. I used Unity and the ARCore package from Google for AR support, this being my second AR project and first using ARCore. We took 3D scans of the objects, which proved to be the most challenging aspect of development, using a combination of photogrammetry and 3D scanning using the Microsoft Kinect V2.

The app was created in collaboration with Irina Tsokova, an exhibition designer based in Leicester. We also published a paper based on the findings which was presented at an IEEE conference in Bari, Italy. All the links can be found below.


Video demo -
Github repo -

IEEE Paper -

IRDT Design -
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